You need equipment to grow your business and the Bank says “No”? Call us! We have leasing programs for all types of equipment; everything from aircraft – computers – construction equipment – medical equipment – production machinery; even pizza ovens.

Our leasing programs cover “A” thru “D” credit quality. Minimum requirements: 2 years in business and $250,000 annual revenue. Past bankruptcy – OK, Slow pays –OK, Low or no credit scores –OK for our “C” and “D” credit programs.

Industry and Equipment Types We Finance:

  • Construction Industry
  • Trucking Industry
  • Medical Equipment
  • Machine and Manufacturing Tools

Why Lease?

Leasing is the right choice!

Leasing can put the equipment to work for you with real cash flow advantages and without major capital investment. We can lease virtually any type of equipment, including software and installation.

Low monthly payments

The monthly lease payment will usually be lower than the payment required by other methods of financing.

You can always lease equipment – you can’t lease money!

Most types of financing require down payments of up to 25%, whereas leasing covers 100% of the cost of the equipment. Most leases require only one or two payments in advance. Get immediate use of the equipment with minimal up-front cost.

Preserve existing lines of credit

Leasing has no impact on your bank credit lines. Protect your borrowing power for other business needs or opportunities.

Eliminate obsolescence

Technology is changing at a rapid fire pace. What meets your business’ need today may be obsolete three years from now. Leasing allows the flexibility to maintain a competitive edge by giving you today’s best technology then allowing you to upgrade when the equipment has outlived it’s advantage.

Sale Leaseback Program

Do you need working capital?

For businesses which have a large amount of machinery and equipment: We offer a Sale/Leaseback program to free up working capital. The loan is based on value of machinery & equipment and not on cash flow, profitability or financial projections of the business. Little or no personal guarantee required.

Equipment Refinance Program

Making payments on your equipment for a few years? We have a program whereby we refinance the existing equipment and stretch the payments out 8 years or more depending on the useful life of the equipment. The result is lower monthly payments. Minimum amount of refinance is $250,000.